About Flowers Forever Floral Preservation

Do you have a bouquet that is too beautiful to throw away? A flower arrangement that has memories too precious to watch fade? Or a single flower so special that you want to keep it forever?
With Flowers Forever, you can!
Flowers Forever specialises in Floral Preservation in Perth that allows you to keep your memories forever. Your flowers carefully undergo a specific procedure that allows your flowers to be dried while retaining as much of their natural shape and colour as possible. Once dried your flowers are then coloured, reassembled into the beautiful bouquet or arrangement they originally were and are placed in a shadow box for you to cherish for years to come.
We are a Perth based business that has recently relocated from sunny Queensland.
For more information on the process involved in preserving and framing your flowers, please see The Process page.
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A bit about me... 


When trying to think of what to write in my About Us page, I had a sudden case of writers block. What do people want to know? Do I really need an about us page? Do people even read about us pages anymore?
But after some intensive research (thanks Google) I decided that yes, an about us page lets you, the customer get to know me and my business a little better. So here’s my story….
I was that creative kid in school. You know the one. I dreaded PE and sat at the back of class in math. I did every creative subject I could, I actually did my art homework and was the one all the girls came to when they wanted their skirt properly taken up without having to roll it at the waist.
I graduated in 2008 and ventured off to Melbourne to become the big fashion designer I had always dreamed of. Not long after I came running back home to study fashion in Queensland under the safety net of the familiar.
Then, as often as it does, my adult brain took over and I decided to start looking for a ‘real’ job instead of colouring sketches and cutting patterns while working the night shift at Woolies.
So for a number of years I worked in retail and administration, only being creative on the side in my spare time. After a while as we all do, I started to crave more. A family member and mentor of mine recommended I get into business. He believed not only was I cut out for it, but it seemed like something I was born to do.
He was right.
The idea of business stuck to me like gum on a sidewalk and for three years I read, researched and practiced as much as I could in the art of business. Then one day in early 2014 I made a discovery. It’s funny how life leads you from one point to another, like a join the dots of life.
While searching for businesses for sale in one of the most unlikely places, I saw the ad that would change my life as I knew it.
Flowers Forever, a floral preservation business for sale.
It was like a neon sign that instead read ‘everything you ever dreamed of.’
Business. Creative. The wedding industry. It was like a dating website for people and their dreams and I had finally found my perfect match.
And so, over two years later here I am. It took lots of effort, patience, learning and persistence but I can now say I wake up every day excited about what I do.
I deal with beautiful people and beautiful objects to create something special to both my customers and me. I hope that I can create the same for you.


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