Our Flower Preservation Process

What is the process of preservation?

The process of creating your preserved flowers or wedding bouquet is very labour intensive and can take up to 16 weeks to complete. The process is explained below so you know the care and procedures we have in place to ensure the end result is of the upmost quality.

Your flowers are preserved using a specialised product that slowly removes the moisture from the flowers while maintaining their natural shape and colour. This process takes approximately 4 weeks.

Once your flowers are dried you are ready to choose your frame style and design if you have not already. All our frames are made to order using high quality timber frames and durable shadow boxes. Frames are ordered to size depending on the design you choose so there is no need to try and fit your flowers or inclusions into a standard frame size, your imagination in the limit.

We are now ready to start the design process. Your flowers will receive a colour enhancement to help them look as close as possible to what they did on the day. Colouring not only makes your flowers look more beautiful, it also ensures your flowers remain this colour for their entire life. 

After your frame is received, your flowers are then ready to be made up and placed inside the frame. Any photographs or certificates you chose to have included are now added in. Your flowers and greenery are placed one by one inside the frame, assembled using the original photograph of them as a reference. Any keepsakes such as charms, jewellery, etc are now carefully added in around the flowers in a tasteful manner.

Now that your design is complete, your frame is then securely sealed and ready for collection!




How long do preserved flowers last?

Your framed display will last for many years to come depending on the type of flower, colour and display location. Preserved flowers should be kept out of high humidity and direct sunlight. If they are not sealed in a shadow box and left open to the elements, their life is significantly shortened.

Please ensure you do not store your keepsake in plastic over an extended period. Your keepsake is a natural product and requires air to 'breathe'.

How long do I have to get my flowers to you?

It is important that we receive your fresh flowers as soon as possible after your wedding or event as the fresher they are, the more beautifully they preserve. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse browning or damage to flowers.

How do I care for my fresh flowers after my event?

The best way to care for your flowers after your wedding is to give the bottom of the stems a fresh cut, place them in vase of water and store them in the fridge but prevent the sides of the fridge touching the petals and burning them. If you can’t place them in a fridge please keep them in a cool, dark room.

Sometimes, depending on where you’re staying, the venue or hotel will put them in the cool room for you!

We can always replace the odd flower if needed at a minimal cost if required. 

How can I get my flowers to you?

If you are local to the Perth area, please feel free to drop your flowers off to us in Aveley. Otherwise we can organise a courier to collect the flowers from your preferred location in a Perth Metro area and have them dropped off to us free of charge. 

If you are interstate or outside of the Perth Metropolitan area, the best way to send your flowers is via express post. Please read below for how to pack and send your flowers.

  • Fill a box large enough for the flowers plus some extra room with scrunched up paper, tissue, etc. You can purchase express post boxes from Australia Post stores.
  • Take some paper towel and dampen with water.
  • Wrap the wet paper towel around the bottom of the stems and cover with plastic (glad wrap or a plastic bag will suffice).
  • Secure the damp paper and plastic with a rubber band, tape, etc.
  • Place the flowers upright into the box, stems first ensuring the paper surrounds and cushions the flowers.

Seal the box and address it to:

Flowers Forever
3 Daplin Way
WA 6069

Please remember to write your name on the box so we know who it came from!

How much will my flowers cost?

The price of each keepsake varies depending on the size of the bouquet and chosen design.

Our prices are calculated on the size of the frame required for the selected design. As an indication, all bouquets and flowers we receive are measured in diameter and 5cm is then added to each side to allow room for the frame. For example, if you had a round posy that measured 25cm in diameter (when looking down on the flowers from above) and you chose to only display the flowers, the ideal frame size would be 35cm x 35cm. To include stems the frame is dropped by 10cm so the ideal frame size would be 35cm x 45cm.

Please see our pricing page for an indication on pricing. For a more accurate price, please feel free to contact us for a personal quote.

How long does the process take?

The preservation of fresh flowers takes 4 weeks to complete and an additional 12 weeks once the design has been confirmed, second payment received and frame order placed. This process can be made faster if the entire payment is made upfront as this allows us to make your frame order straight away.

What are my payment options?

There are two payment options available.

You can pay for the entire job upfront which can also speed up the process as this allows us to order your frame straight away. 

The second payment option is three installments throughout the process. With all jobs, there is a $200 non refundable deposit required before or upon delivery of your flowers. This cost covers the initial drying process and cannot begin until the payment has been received. The second payment is due after approximately 4 weeks, once your flowers are dried and ready for makeup. This payment covers the cost of your frame and the makeup of your flowers and items. Your frame cannot be ordered and makeup cannot begin until this payment is received. The final payment is due before or upon collection.

Your keepsake cannot be released until this payment is received.

Flowers and Drying

Alstroemeria Poor to good, very fragile
Amaranthus Excellent
Amaryllis Good
Anthurium Excellent
Asparagus fern Excellent - Can be brittle once dry
Aster Good, very fragile
Bird of Paradise Good
Carnation Excellent
Cornflowers Good, can be very fragile
Chrysanthemum Good, petals brittle
Daffodils Good
Dahlia Good, fragile
Daisies Poor to good, brittle
Delphinium Very Good
Freesia Good
Gardenia Excellent
Gerbera Good, can be fragile
Gladiolus Good
Heather Excellent
Hyacinth Excellent
Hydrangea Excellent
Iris Good
Lilac Excellent
Lilies Excellent
Lizianthus Good
Narcissus Excellent
Pansies Excellent
Peonies Excellent
Queen Anne's Lace Excellent
Orchids Good to excellent
Roses Excellent
Snapdragons Excellent
Stephanotis Excellent
Stock Excellent
Tulips Good
Anemone Very Good
Banksia Exellent
Billy Button Excellent
Blushing Bride Excellent
Brunia Berry Excellent
Calla Lily Very Good
Chincherinchee Excellent
Cosmos Poor, very fragile
Coxcomb Excellent
Dusty Miller Excellent