Terms & Conditions


  • I understand the cost of freight is not included in quotes provided by Flowers Forever and a courier can be organised by Flowers Forever or I can elect to use my own courier or freight service at my own cost.
  • I accept that Flowers Forever cannot be held liable for any damages to my flowers or products incurred prior to or during delivery to Flowers Forever or during delivery to me.
  • I understand any boxes or packing materials used may not be kept or stored by Flowers Forever.
  • I understand and accept I have the option to have my goods express posted to myself upon completion; however I accept that this option is more costly to me than regular post.
  • If the courier attempts to deliver my parcel and is unsuccessful, there will be a second delivery attempt made. I accept any cost incurred for this will be mine.
  • I understand no products will be released to me or a courier unless the final payment and total value has been paid and received in full by Flowers Forever.


  • All quotes to customers must be given in writing.
  • I understand quotes are based on the size of the bouquet, ideal frame size, inclusions and labour required to complete the job to the customers request and quotes can vary from customer to customer.
  • I acknowledge any past quotes presented to Flowers Forever for jobs must be presented in writing and must still be valid in terms of date and description of works to be carried out.
  • Any changes to works described in my quote may incur additional charges and a new quote may be required.
  • Each quote is only valid for the customer whose name appears on the quote provided by Flowers Forever.
  • Any changes requested by myself after a quote is provided and before collection of my finished product may result in a higher total value payable to Flowers Forever.


  • I understand a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 for wedding bouquets is payable to Flowers Forever prior to or upon delivery of my flowers. I understand no work will commence on my flowers until the deposit has been received by Flowers Forever. I accept if this deposit is not received within 3 days, Flowers Forever obtains the right to cancel my order.
  • The deposit for casket arrangements is $400 if the entire arrangement is to be preserved.
  • I understand a further non-refundable payment of the remaining value of my job is payable to Flowers Forever once the initial drying process has been completed – up to four weeks after delivery. This payment covers the cost my frame and allows makeup to begin. I understand make up of my flowers and frame will not commence until this payment has been received by Flowers Forever.
  • The final outstanding balance is payable to Flowers Forever prior to or upon collection of my completed product. I understand my completed product will not be released until the final payment is received by Flowers Forever.
  • I accept that any changes or alterations made at my request will affect the quoted value of the job and this cost will be added to my outstanding value payable to Flowers Forever.  
  • I am aware delays in payment of my deposit will result in delays to the start of the drying process and this can cause my flowers to deteriorate and affect the overall result of the end product or cause my flowers to become unusable. 


  • I acknowledge that unless otherwise requested, any damaged or unsuitable flowers may require replacing to achieve the desired result at a cost to myself.
  • Succulents and some items are unable to be dried due to a high water level content. These items are replaced for an artificial version.
  • I understand variations in colour, shape and form can be expected in the preservation and makeup process of my flowers.
  • I accept Flowers Forever uses specialised colouring techniques to enhance the look of my dried flowers to assist them in looking as close as possible to their natural colour and help to remain so throughout their life.
  • Customers are able to request a specific design and layout for their final product which Flowers Forever will endeavour to achieve.
  • Some designs may not be achievable due to space or customer budget restrictions.
  • Flowers Forever obtains the right to create a design to their own discretion if a specific design was not requested.  I consent that if I choose to have this design later changed, the changes will be made at an additional cost to me.
  • Customers can provide their own shadow box to display their flowers however Flowers Forever will not cover warranty on frames or display items provided by customers.
  • At times some frame choices can become discontinued and unavailable. I comprehend  that if my frame choice has become unavailable I have the option to choose an alternative selection or Flowers Forever will endeavour to source a similar frame sample for approval.
  • A specific style of frame can be nominated by the customer however the frame must be provided by the customer or from a supplier nominated by Flowers Forever.


  • I accept the total process of preserving my flowers, makeup and framing takes approximately 16 weeks and that the drying process takes approximately 4 of these weeks.
  • I am aware some delays may be incurred due to frame choices being currently out of stock, busy periods such as peak wedding seasons, holiday periods such as Christmas and when my payments are not received promptly. I understand and accept that due to the above mentioned, delays can be possible and are out of the control of Flowers Forever.


  • Accessories and / or photographs that are to be included in the final design are to be received by Flowers Forever within four weeks of my first payment.
  • When sending photographs or marriage certificates to Flowers Forever, please ensure the images are placed between two strong, unbending sheets of card or similar and DO NOT BEND is written clearly on the front to ensure the safekeeping of your images.Please also clearly state your name, job number and a return to sender address.
  • Please do not send originals of your marriage certificate and any other legal or important documents you require further use of and access to in future.
  • If your photographs or items are received in poor condition due to improper packaging, have suffered damage caused during postage, are the incorrect sizing to the agreed estimate or are the original copies, Flowers Forever obtains the right to request new copies be sent or refuse to use the incorrect or damaged goods.
  • I accept Flowers Forever will not be held liable for damage incurred to items during postage.
  • If I have been made aware of damaged goods and request that Flowers Forever still uses my items, Flowers Forever will not be held responsible for the possible poor appearance of these items in the overall product and if I request they be changed, I accept this will be done so at a further cost.


  • I accept any changes in design requested by myself including frame, layout, inclusions, sizing, etc may result in a change to the total quoted value.
  • I accept any requests to changes in the above mentioned must be given within four weeks of the first payment being received.
  • I understand all requests for changes must be provided in writing to Flowers Forever.
  • Any changes requested after four weeks can affect the works of the product already carried out. If so, this will increase the cost of the quoted total.
  • Changes requested after the initial four weeks can result in replacement mat board, flowers or other supplies being required if work has already commenced, at a cost to myself.


  • I accept once my keepsake has been completed, all further changes that are not warranty issues or faults will incur a fee including the cost of materials, labour and shipping.
  • I understand any faults or issues with my product must be reported and returned to Flowers Forever within one month of collection.
  • I agree any issues with products that are not change of mind will be repaired or corrected by Flowers Forever. Only if these warranty issues are irreparable or do not concede with these terms and conditions will a full refund be offered by Flowers Forever.
  • I understand if I choose to cancel my job, no further works will be carried out on my product and my keepsake will remain as is in the process when notification to cancel was received. I acknowledge I have one month to collect my product before the product becomes the property of Flowers Forever.
  • I accept jobs cancelled by myself are non-refundable up until and including current payments and Flowers Forever is entitled to future payments or outstanding balances of monies owed for works already completed.


  • I accept that any of my jobs or products within the care of Flowers Forever that have not received contact from me after a period of three months and three attempts to contact me will be considered neglected work.
  • I also accept any of my jobs that remain unpaid for a period of six months, regardless of customer contact, will be considered neglected work.
  • Any neglected work will become the property of Flowers Forever after the stated period.
  • Flowers Forever has the right to dispose, sell or use the products of neglected work to their discretion.
  • I understand storage of dried flowers or items over an extended period can affect the condition and usage of these items. I acknowledge any damage or deterioration incurred during this period is not the responsibility of Flowers Forever.
  • The customer of a neglected job must accept that some items may need to be discarded or replaced at their own cost.


  • Flowers Forever covers faults on its products, frames and workmanship as long as they are a warranty issue and are not damage caused by the customer or any other person or being once the final product has been collected from Flowers Forever.
  •  These include:
  • Natural Deterioration - Damage cause by fungi, disease or contamination
  • Artificial Deterioration - Damage cause by heating or cooling systems, human handling, animals and insects, accidental or deliberate damage or natural disasters.
  • Storage Deterioration - Damage caused by damp or humid conditions, direct sunlight and incorrect packaging or storage.
  • Flowers Forever does not provide any warranty on glass.
  • I accept all issues must first be reported to Flowers Forever for consideration, including photographs and any other supporting evidence. Flowers Forever will endeavour to repair the issue or seek the appropriate services to have the issue repaired.
  • I understand Flowers Forever will not offer reimbursement to have a third party tend to any issues unless first agreed upon by Flowers Forever. If agreed by Flowers Forever and the customer to enlist a third party to tend to repairs, a quote must first be provided to Flowers Forever from the third party or customer for approval.


  • Do not store your final product in plastic or other non-breathable products.
  • Do not place your final product in direct sunlight or environments with high humidity or moisture.
  • Use supportive wall hooks to hang your final product, especially for larger frames.


  • Unless specifically requested, Flowers Forever is entitled to use images of your product for advertising purposes.

Your signature on this agreement states that you agree to the above terms and conditions and provide your consent for Flowers Forever to create your keepsake to the best of their judgement based on your selections.

Payment of your deposit also constitutes that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions