Flowers Forever Floral Preservation

Flowers Forever is a Perth based business specialising in floral preservation. Floral preservation works by removing the moisture from your flowers while maintaining their natural colour and shape and allows for your wedding bouquet or flowers to be kept forever as a beautiful keepsake. 

One of the best reasons to have your flowers preserved is to hold a memory from an event, day or person. Photos are an amazing thing to keep and hang on your wall, but how many other items from that special day do you get to walk past and smile at every single day? Those flowers are the ones you lovingly chose for your wedding day, carried with you down the aisle and maybe even threw across the room to your screaming female guests.

Perhaps it was the favourite flower of a loved one who has passed, or the final flower handed to you by your funeral director after saying your last goodbye.

It could be the single red rose your now fiancé handed you after asking you to be his wife.

Flowers are a larger part of our lives than many people realise. We give them to people in times of happiness and sadness. We plant them in our gardens and vases to brighten our home. We wear them in our perfumes and soaps so we can smell just as beautiful.

They are something to be treasured and if you’re lucky enough, something to be kept.

Preserved Wedding Bouquets

Do you have a wedding bouquet so beautiful that you want to keep it forever? Let us preserve it for you! Flowers Forever can preserve and frame the flowers from your special day as a beautiful keepsake that can last forever.

Preserved Bereavement Flowers

Help to preserve the treasured memories of a loved one by having their berevement or favourite flowers preserved and framed. This unique, handcrafted memoire will help keep your memories and their spirit alive for years to come.

Additional Flower Preservation Items

Do you want to include a stunning photo of your loved one? Your newly received wedding certificate? We can include these items and many more in your frame with your preserved flowers. Some popular items include headpieces or jewellery from your wedding day, your lucky horse shoe, your groom's buttonhole, a wedding invitation or save the date card, lucky charms and pendants, garters and much more. Flowers Forever uses their creative eye to place these treasured items inside your frame in a beautifully presented manner.

Gift Cards - Value of Your Choice

Want to give the perfect gift to someone special? Provide them with a Flowers Forever gift card! You can purchase the card for any value you like and present it to them before, on or after the day. If you don't know what value to choose and want to pay for the memoire in full, we have many customers who have the flowers preserved for someone as a gift but pay for the process themselves as they go.